Bret's Playground and Internet of Things

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For the last 20 years I've spent 90 percent of my time creating complex, back-end software, software that serves internal staff, software that interacts with devices, web services, and so on... Part of the frustration of developing such systems is that when friends, family and even colleagues ask what I do they see nothing "tangible".

So, Bret's Playground and Internet of Things is born. It is my playground to showcase my skills using technology that interests me right now. This site will be built as mobile-friendly too.

The playground will have small tools, nuggets, useful links and complete projects. Some of the technologies used will be:

  • C#
  • .NET Core
  • Ubuntu 16.04.5
  • Bootstrap
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • JavaScript
  • Font Awesome
  • Node.js
  • Chart.js
  • SQL Server 2017
  • IIS 10.0
  • jQuery
  • Xamarin
  • TCP/IP over IPv4 / IPv6
  • NLog

My electronics projects will also be reflected here. Some of the technologies used will be:

  • Raspberry Pi with Raspbian Stretch
  • Microchip PIC Microcontrollers
  • ESP8266 WiFi Module
  • BMP280 Pressure Sensor
  • DS18B20 Temperature Sensor
  • 1-Wire, SPI and I2C busses
  • Cypress PSoC
  • Arduino